In 2017 the State of California passed legislation to allow most single family residences to become essentially a duplex.

This law is an attempt to alleviate the current California housing crisis. Fewer people are able to afford a home in this state. The opportunity created here is fairly rare. The combination of high rents and low interest money means that after the build out, leasing and financing there will still be a profit per month.

For an example a 600 square foot addition costing $150,000, including plans, permits, fees, building complete:
$1,500…Rental Income Monthly
$1,152…Mortgage Monthly

The opportunity created here is fairly rare..


Now these figures are general and need refining but this is $4,176 of income per year (not including vacancies). This seems to be a handsome cushion on a yearly mortgage repayment of $13,063. While this is not for everyone, it seems to me that the mandate the state gave us should be utilized.

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